[Event] Castlevania: Spirit Nocturne

What is a Spirit Board? On this occasion, it's a far-from-miserable little pile of spirits hailing from the Castlevania series! Defeat them in battle to earn more gold than usual.

The Legend-class Trevor C. Belmont and Alucard will also appear at set times. But enough talk - have at them!

Event Duration


Timed Spirits

    • Trevor C. Belmont
    • rank rank rank rank
    • Alucard
    • rank rank rank rank

Randomly-Appearing Spirits

    • Alucard
    • Trevor C. Belmont
    • Shanoa
    • Jonathan Morris
    • Kid Dracula
    • Gabriel Belmont
    • Charlotte Aulin
    • Hector
    • Leon Belmont
    • Juste Belmont
    • Nathan Graves
    • Maria Renard
    • Medusa Head
    • Hugh Baldwin
    • Reinhardt Schneider
    • Shaft
    • Carmilla