Event: Fire Emblem Fest (Part One)

Spirits from the Fire Emblem series have set up camp on the Spirit Board!

Some of the spirits who appear in Part One of this event may not appear in Part Two, and vice versa. Defeat these spirits to earn more Spirit Points than normal.

In Part One of this event, Legend-class spirits Caeda and Azura, and Ace-class spirits Eliwood and Eirika will each appear for a fixed time. Part Two of this event is scheduled to take place next month.



Periodically appearing spirits

    • Caeda
    • rank rank rank rank
    • Eirika
    • rank rank rank
    • Azura
    • rank rank rank rank
    • Eliwood
    • rank rank rank

Randomly appearing spirits

    • Azura
    • Caeda
    • Eirika
    • Eliwood
    • Leif
      (Fire Emblem)
    • Lyon
    • Nino
    • Karel
    • Ninian
    • Lilina
    • Seliph
    • Deirdre
    • Sigurd
    • Medeus
    • Nyna
    • Linde
    • Minerva
    • Navarre
    • Jagen
    • Julius
    • Alm & Celica
    • Gharnef
    • Merric
    • Wrys
    • Draug