Cuphead Hat + Outfit now available for purchase!

A Mii Gunner costume of Cuphead from Cuphead is now available! A cup for a head, a red straw, a red nose, white gloves, and red shorts...what more could you need for a swell battle? Everything about it, including the comical and charming 1930s-inspired visuals, has been replicated. Also included is a fan-favorite music track from the game, "Floral Fury"! Fighting to some big-band jazz music...what a knockout!

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Mii Fighter Costume
・ Cuphead Hat
・ Cuphead Outfit (for Gunners)
Usable after purchase by going to Games & More → Mii Fighter.

・ Floral Fury
Usable after purchase by going to Vault → Sounds or by setting it in My Music.

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