[Event] Get in the Groove

Spirits with slick moves and impressive pipes are coming to the Spirit Board in this event! Defeat them in battle to earn Snacks.

The Legend-class Azura and Pauline, plus the Ace-class Meloetta (Aria Forme), will also appear at set times. Don't miss out!


From until

Periodically appearing spirits

    • Azura
    • rank rank rank rank
    • Meloetta
      (Aria Forme)
    • rank rank rank
    • Pauline
    • rank rank rank rank

Randomly appearing spirits

    • Azura
    • Pauline
    • Off the Hook
    • Shantae
    • The Chorus Kids
    • Meloetta
      (Aria Forme)
    • Marin
    • Malon
    • Din
    • Nayru
    • Ouendan Cheerleaders
    • Ouendan
    • Elite Beat Agents
    • Elite Beat Divas
    • Ninian
    • Elena
    • Bellossom
    • Tsubasa Oribe
    • Tempo
    • Prince Saruno
    • Crazee Dayzee