Seventh Smash Art Dojo contest results!

[This news is about an event held in Japan
only, but you might be interested in checking
out the comments from Mr. Sakurai!]
Round 7 of the Smash Art Dojo contest was
held a few days ago, with players competing
by posting funny content using the #スマブラ画
hashtag and the theme of #仲間 (Friends).
Enjoy comments from Mr. Sakurai!

Theme:#仲間 (Friends) - Photos

If I throw this, my old students will be friends again, right?! (by TAC@えいえんの秩序)

  ▲Nope, it's not true. Not even if you weaken them first before capturing them.

Bye Bye Butterfree (by パセリ)

  ▲You were my best friend...

We're the Indie Power Trio!!! (by ラリアット)

  ▲Smash Bros. is pretty impressive...

Two heads are better than one, and four heads are better than three! (by 火桜)

  ▲Did you know that the first Animal Crossing's Japanese slogan was similar to this?

Pichu's hanging out with the wrong crowd (but Pikachu's on the case) (by うぉまい)

  ▲Pikachu's camouflage is on point.

Leave this to me! (by のび太 deaf)

  ▲Hero might be saying this, but I think it's actually Death speaking.

Excellent! Welcome to Bowser's Minions! (by couen CO.GP)

  ▲Stick a shell on him and you've got a shell slime.

Before and After (by もりゅー)

  ▲I don't know about you, but I can really feel the history here.

All together now! (by 端月)

  ▲Kirby mastered this instantly... It's a sign of his genius.

"Huh? Where's Roy?" "Right here! Don't forget me!" (by わさびりュうナり)

  ▲That's not the Roy we meant... Hang on, where's the other Roy?!

"Heh, looks like I was just in time." "Who are you...?" (by ちょあぐ)

  ▲Ah, so he's here... Wait, I meant the other Roy.

Workout pals! Why not learn about flexibility with them? (by スマッシュマン)

  ▲And those are the stiffest fighters, for sure. Was it super effective?!

The Smash Bros. Archery Club (by カイ@?)

  ▲Let's not use angels as target practice!

We're in Hollywood! (by penpen)

  ▲Congrats on the live-action movies!!

A mysterious and enigmatic partner (by 74くん)

  ▲Do you think he's related to slimes? He did come out later, so Gooey looks too similar...

We be pirates! (by HOTMILK)

  ▲So Kaptain K. Rool did have underlings, huh...

Combine forces! (by ぬどるふ)

  ▲It doesn't look all that strong. Good job taking this, though!

Is this a robbery? No, we're regulars. (by 機甲竜騎兵@パンツァードラグーン)

  ▲Regular thieves, right?

Figure Skating Pair (by アーニャルド)

  ▲What teamwork! Now if only they were wearing ice skates...

Theme: #仲間 (Friends) - Videos

Panic Proposal - All's Well That Ends Well! (by エクスル)

  ▲What are those three proud of?? They didn't do anything!

Friends Help Each Other (by あーぞー)

  ▲A journey back through Mario Bros. series history.
In the past, Smash has had the original Mario Bros. colors.

Who will you side with? Who will you cross swords with?
I should have this made with someone. (by glass(グラス))

  ▲To make something so reminiscent of the original,
and to do it alone... That must have been tough.

Best Shot

Thus began our heroes' quest (by アデリーペンギン)

  ▲I salute the people who did all this in real time!

Best Video

The Lonely Whispy Woods (by ゲムヲ)

  ▲Now that I think about it, Whispy Woods doesn't have a lot to do...
The focus of each shot is really good!