Software update available: Ver. 6.1.1

You can now update the game to Ver. 6.1.1.

Update Details

The latest software version is needed to enjoy the following features:

・ Support for the upcoming Dark Samus and Richter amiibo figures has been implemented.

Compatibility Notes

・The latest software version is required to use Online mode.
・Local wireless play is not compatible with Ver. 6.1.0 and earlier. All players who want to fight in local wireless battles need to make sure they have the same software version.
・There is replay compatibility with Ver. 6.1.0 but not with Ver. 6.0.0 and earlier. If you have replays you want to keep, you'll need to convert them to videos by going to Vault → Replays → Replay Data → Convert to Video before updating the software.

How to Update

1. Highlight the software on the HOME Menu and press the + Button to open the options menu.
2. Select "Software Update," then either "Via the Internet" or "Match Version With Local Users."